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Calm. Cream Soap.

Calm. Cream Soap.

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Indulge in the serene essence of Calm Cream Soap, enhanced with Brazilian purple clay alongside soothing lavender and ylang-ylang. Our luxurious formula generates creamy bubbles, gently cleansing while leaving skin refreshed. Lavender and ylang-ylang's blissful aroma evokes relaxation, complemented by the purifying benefits of purple clay for a serene bathing experience.

A tiny amount works well placed inside our sisal soap savers


Benefits of Brazilian Purple Clay:

Detoxification: Brazilian purple clay works diligently to rid the skin of impurities and toxins, leaving behind a purified canvas that feels refreshed and revitalized.

Oil Control: Its remarkable ability to absorb excess oil helps to balance sebum production, making it ideal for those with oily or combination skin seeking a mattified complexion.

Gentle Exfoliation: The fine particles of purple clay delicately slough away dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion beneath.


Calming Cleansing: Lavender's calming properties can help soothe both the skin and the mind during cleansing. Its gentle fragrance promotes relaxation and reduces stress, turning your daily cleansing routine into a calming ritual.

Skin Hydration: Lavender contains compounds that help retain moisture in the skin, making it beneficial for dry or dehydrated skin types. In a cream soap, it can contribute to maintaining skin hydration, leaving it feeling soft and supple after each use.

Anti-Inflammatory: Lavender possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and irritation, making it suitable for sensitive or inflamed skin. Using a cream soap infused with lavender may help soothe conditions like eczema or dermatitis.

Antibacterial: Lavender's antibacterial properties can help cleanse the skin and prevent bacterial growth, reducing the risk of acne breakouts and other skin infections.


Balancing: Ylang-ylang helps balance oil production in the skin, making it suitable for various skin types, including oily and combination skin. In a cream soap, it can help regulate excess oil while still providing hydration, leaving the skin feeling balanced and refreshed.

Aromatherapy Benefits: The exotic, floral scent of ylang-ylang has mood-enhancing properties that can uplift your spirits and promote relaxation. Incorporating ylang-ylang into a cream soap can turn your daily cleansing routine into a sensory experience, helping you unwind and de-stress.

Skin Conditioning: Ylang-ylang oil is known for its skin conditioning properties, helping to improve skin texture and promote a healthy, radiant complexion. In a cream soap, it can leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, and nourished after each use.

Antioxidant Protection: Ylang-ylang contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental damage and premature aging. Regular use of a cream soap infused with ylang-ylang can help maintain youthful-looking skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Kaolin Clay: Kaolin, known for its numerous skin-loving benefits, is often used in skincare due to its ability to manage or prevent acne, soothe dry skin, and regulate excess oil and sebum. It is widely considered the gentlest and mildest clay used in skincare. By acting as a magnet for dirt, grime, and impurities on the skin's surface, kaolin clay helps to purify and deeply cleanse. This makes it a popular ingredient in many pore-clearing face masks. Additionally, kaolin clay exfoliates dead skin cells and may even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, according to research and studies. It is also known for its effectiveness in treating various skin conditions and tightening the skin's appearance.

How to Use

Using the provided scoop, take a small portion of whipped soap and apply it inside our sisal soap saving bags or onto a loofah, sponge, or directly onto damp skin. Remember, a little goes far, so use sparingly. Avoid introducing water into the jar. Gently work the soap into a rich, creamy lather for a luxurious cleansing experience. Feel refreshed and cleansed after use. Indulge in the aromatic sensory journey as the delightful scents are enhanced with the steam.


Glycerin, Aqua, Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccintate, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Tetraodium EDTA, Kaolin, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Polysorbate 80, Tocopherol, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, ALLERGENS: Benzyl Benzoate*, Benzyl Salicylate*, Farnesol*, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool*.
(*Naturally occurring in the essential oils)

Additional Information

120g Aluminium Tin - comes with a handy wooden scoop.
At It's Scent, we uphold our commitment: Embracing natural, sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free practices. Packaged exclusively in eco-friendly materials, maintaining our pledge to a 100% plastic-free environment.

Disclaimer: We recommend conducting a patch test before widespread use of a new product. Though crafted with natural ingredients, individual skin sensitivities may vary. Apply a small amount of the product to a discreet area to ensure compatibility with your skin. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use. Consult a healthcare professional if you have specific skin concerns or allergies. Our products are made with care, and your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities
If product enters the eyes, rinse thoroughly. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Take care, may stain fabrics and surfaces. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Not for infants under 3. Do not use on mucous membranes, broken or irritated skin.
All weights are approx.

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