Helping to save our planet

Helping to save our planet

 Save the planet

Here at Its Scent each product is hand-made in Scotland using only the finest all-natural ingredients. 
Without comprising our passion towards delivering a luxury brand, we have a rigid green policy that promotes the protection of natural resources and sustainable development, and commits to reducing negative impact on the planet. The power of nature is inspirational and we constantly strive to maintain the fine balance between cutting-edge technology and nature.

Our Products & Ingredients

Our supply chain work with farmers, producers & suppliers from the UK and all around the world to source the highest quality essential oils, fragrance oils and raw materials - all from natural resources. All our ingredients are ethically sourced, cruelty free and vegan friendly. At Its Scent we promote the culture of trading partnership and equality of Fair Trade.

Here at Its Scent we are extremely aware that our beautiful planet needs preserved and that we have a shared responsibility in helping to offset our carbon footprint.

The products we produce build upon natures ability to operate and commits to reducing negative impact on the planet, which is why we are continuously implementing new methods to make our products and packaging more eco-friendly and offset the impact of our business on the environment. This responsibility does not just stop with us, where we take our supply chain with us on this journey to ensure everyone has a role to play on this undertaking.


All of our packaging is kept to a minimum and is either eco friendly or made from recycled materials and can be recycled - all sustainably sourced. Some of our products may arrive in a Glassine bag, which is a by- product of wood pulp, again recyclable and naturally biodegradable. Sometimes we will reuse our postal boxes and paper packaging, which as we know saves on trees. Our labels and tapes are also eco friendly.